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Refill Capsule – Hello Klean


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Just as you replace your shampoo and body wash when they run low, you should never run out of quality water. HELLO KLEAN filter media refill capsules make it easy to replace your media when necessary and recharge your shower experience again and again.

Note: KLEAN Shower Filter is required prior to buying our refill capsules.

Did you know that hard water in your shower can irritate eczema and even make it worse?




Stainless Mesh: Captures sand and other sediments.  

Calcium Sulfite: Ensures chlorine removal in both hot and cold water. 

KDF 55: Helps remove residual chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, and copper. 

Granular Activated Carbon: Helps remove trihalomethane (THMs), odor, mold, and bacteria. 

Ceramic Beads: Balances your shower water’s pH level.



Capsule Case Material: ABS Recyclable Plastic

Capsule Dimensions: 50mm X 115mm


We recommend changing the capsules every 3-4 months or after 13,000 liters of water (whichever comes first) for optimal results. Filter capsule use should not exceed 6 months (DIN1988 Section 4).

The lifespan of each KLEAN capsule depends on various factors such as the level of free chlorine, your pH balance, how hard your water is, how often you shower, et cetera.



A 2017 study from University of Sheffield and King’s College in London showed that “hard water can damage the skin’s protective barrier and increase sensitivity to irritants found in soap products.”

The study also mentions, “skin pH is normally acidic but hard water has high alkalinity which means it can raise the skin surface pH. A shift towards alkaline pH disturbs the skin’s natural function as a physical barrier and leaves it prone to infection.”

“Patients with eczema are much more sensitive to the effects of hard water than people with healthy skin. This increase in sensitivity is associated with a genetic predisposition to a skin barrier defect brought about by mutations in the gene encoding filaggrin. Filaggrin is a structural protein important for the formation of our skin’s barrier to the outside environment. Up to half of all people with eczema carry a filaggrin gene.”


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